How to Connect using Application Zoom

We are using Zoom software for online broadcasting. If you do not have experience with Zoom, connect earlier, download the application and allow it to access the microphone and camera.

To connect to the Holy Mass, you need to click on this link: or type this address into your preferred browser.

Zoom Instructions for Participants

Before a videoconference

You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a speaker or headphones. You will have the opportunity to check your audio immediately upon joining a meeting.

To join the videoconference

At the start time of your meeting, click on the link in your invitation to join via computer or tablet/phone. You may be instructed to download the Zoom application. Allow the use of a microphone and video camera. You have an opportunity to test your audio at this point by clicking on “Test Computer Audio.” Once you are satisfied that your audio works, click on “Join”.

Using the icons in the lower-left corner of the Zoom screen, you can:

  • Mute/Unmute your microphone (far left)
  • Turn on/off camera (“Start/Stop Video”)
  • Change your screen name that is seen in the participant list and video window

Changing views

Somewhere on your Zoom screen, you will also see a choice to toggle between “speaker” and “gallery”
view. “Speaker view” shows the active speaker. “Gallery view” tiles for all of the meeting participants.

May God Reward You for Your Generosity!

Our mission’s ongoing existence and success rely on our collective commitment to providing sustained financial support, ensuring that we can continue making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.


Přihlašte se k odběru našich zpráv

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